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(Stop Taking A Round Trip)

Hate circles? This is a batch file for going around the 'Press F1 to
continue' nag on the latest versions of Mugen. All it does it simply
set your date to 01/01/01 (the date isn't important as long as it's
before the expiration date). The true date is restored when you exit.
The annoying prompt displaying frames per second and other unnecessary
stuff that isn't closed automatically when you exit is also taken care

Please take caution as the restored date is the date that the game was
run. If you start playing before midnight and stop playing after
midnight, your system will fall a day behind. If I could write a
program, I'd make something alot better, but I don't know where to
begin. If I can write a batch this complex though, I can probably learn
in a day or 2 if someone could help me get started (It would help
alot). You can keep your date off by several years to trick mugen if
you want, but you won't be able to sort things correctly (sort by
deletion date in recycling bin, etc.) I don't recommend that since
installing an old game that checks for old drivers by dates may find
something new with an old date and overwrite it (Direct X stuff for
example. Though I don't know if they look at only the date).

Any ideas, recommendations, or anything else, mail